If you didn't watch the Grammy Awards last night, you can check out some of the best performances here on K-Fox 95.5!

Which performance was your favorite?

Lady Gaga performing her new single, "Born This Way":

I think Lady Gaga's performance rocked! Compared to past performances, I didn't think this one wasn't as strange. Regardless of how eccentric she is or not, Lady Gaga can do no wrong in my book. What really impressed me as well was how her voice sounded just as good on stage as it does in the studio. Talk about raw talent!

Cee Lo Green and Gwyneth Paltrow, "Forget You":

Talk about a colorful performance. I found Dan Patrick's  Halloween costume for this year....what do you think?

Rihanna featuring Drake, "What's My Name":

*Warning, this performance is considered a little sexual; this performance definitely shows off Rihanna'as moves.

Justin Bieber featuring Usher and Jayden Smith, "Never Say Never" and "Oh My Gosh":

Oh Justin Bieber....I have a feeling he's going to be taking over the world pretty soon.

Katy Perry performing "Not Like The Movies" and "Teenage Dream":

The clips of her and Russell Brand at her wedding were pretty cute, and I thought her voice actually sounded better than usual in this performance! I'm glad she turned the volume up with 'Teenage Dream' because the first part of her performance was pretty slow (yawn!).

Rihanna featuring Eminem, Dr. Dre and Skylar Grey, "Love The Way You Lie (Part 2)" and "I Need a Dr.":

Eminem is so talented, and I absolutely loved Skylar's voice in this performance.

Bruno Mars, B.O.B. and Janelle Monae "Nothin On You"

All three singers had great voices, and I thought it was pretty cool how they changed the screen to black and white for a classic touch.