Why can't I stop laughing at this video? It's only 17 seconds long, has no narration or spoken words at all, heck, there aren't even any people or animals in it. But it has to be the funniest thing I've seen all week. What's going on here?

Literally all this is is a hotdog on a bunch of other hotdogs on rollers at some 7-11 or a gas station somewhere. There's nothing to it. No joke. No cute kids, no puppies. Nobody falls over or gets hurt. Nothing here should be funny. It's less than 20 seconds of a hotdog rolling on other hotdogs.

Maybe it's the music? Or the description on its YouTube page:

u can look just like everyone eles but if do something different you will stick out

I just watched it again after I pasted that in here. It's even funnier now. I really don't know.

But now I have to go the rest of my life wondering why I find this dumb hotdog video so freakin' hilarious.

What's going on here, and why is it so funny?