Every summer there's a song that becomes the song of the summer. What that means is when you hear that song, you think of the summer of 20__.  Last summer, it was Canadian singer Carly Ray Jepson's hit, "Call Me Maybe."  People were making parody videos and it was everywhere you went.  Summer 2013 is just now getting started but here are the top 5 songs on my radar to become the "Song of the Summer!"

My number one pick is Daft Punk's, "Get Lucky." This one is a hit for sure.  It has poolside written all over it.  Plus, who doesn't dig Daft Punk's chrome robot helmets?!

Our next contender is Bruno Mars', "Treasure." This one has a beat and I can I dance to it.  Just like the Daft Punk song, it has that funky guitar but this one has slap bass and early 80's Michael Jackson keyboard.

This one has been on the charts for a while and fits last year's trend of a female singer - Icona Pop's hit, "I Don't Care".  Unedited version kinda adds a new twist. (NSF...kids!)

This song from Jason Derulo, "The Other Side" has all the right lyrics for the summer song.  Love is always a great subject for a great summer song, and hopeless romantics.

And last but not least - "Blurred Lines." This one is really starting to take off.  Robin Thicke has been around for quite a bit, but this is only his second song to get any amount of airtime.

So those are my thoughts on the most likely candidates for "Song of the Summer." What do you think it should be?  Like my picks?  Something I missed?  Write that thought down in the comment section below!