So you love your dog, he's your best friend, your child, your companion; the last thing you want to happen is for someone to steal him!


Here's 5 ways your precious pooch could get stolen. . .

(1) Auto Dogs: Don't leave your best buddy in the car, you wouldn't leave your child in the car for 20 mins and say "I'll be right back", would you? It only takes a matter of minutes or even seconds for something to happen. Don't leave your dog, or your children for that matter in the car, ever!

(2) Pure Breeds: Any pure breed dog left anywhere is going to be at risk. So you might want to think twice about showing that pretty baby off.

(3) Fenced in Yards: You think your dog is safe in your back yard? Think again. My 10 year old King Charles Cavalier was stolen right out of my fenced in back yard a few years ago.

(4) Community Dog: Never ever under any circumstances leave your dog tied up somewhere in public! Not only could something happen, anything, and you would be held liable for it but your precious companion could be stolen by a dog napper or taken by the authorities.

(5) Stranger Danger: Just like with our kids, we have to teach our pets that strangers are not to always be trusted. This doesn't mean to teach them to attack by any means but it means to not just let random people interact with your pet all the time. I would recommend only letting your animal play with people who you personally know and who you expect to be around your home and family on a regular basis, not just any stranger walking through the neighborhood. If you put your pets up when people you don't know very well come over, then your puppy will never associate that it's ok for them to go with that person or for that person to be in your home uninvited for that matter. So your not only helping them to defend themselves but your also teaching them to guard you and your family better.