Adele is known for  writing songs about her breakup with her last serious boyfriend.  So what is she looking for in her next boyfriend?  Laughter, for one.  The British paper The Sun quotes Adele as saying, "I would like someone with humor.  If they make me laugh, I'm in the bed. I really don't care how they are physically."

When asked about her dream man, she says, "It ranges from Leonardo DiCaprio to Zach Galifianakis. It really does vary that much. I like all sizes, it doesn't matter -- if they make me laugh, I am on it."  But Adele would also like some food along with her laughter.  She adds, "I also like a man who can cook and someone who can be passionate for life.  I like someone who really inspires me and I admire."

If you want a date with Adele guys, hopefully you are funny, and can make some mean dishes.  You know she described me pretty much, but luckily I am taken!  Question is did she really say any of that.  The Sun is pretty much the Enquirer over here in the states.