I don't think T-Pain is gonna want a ride on this boat. It's actually much larger in person than it appears from the road. It has 2 decks, and people say it's been there for about 50 years, and must be rotting apart. But some East Texans have started a ‘Save the Boat’ campaign on facebook to keep it from being moved or demolished during construction of the new Fuel City Truck Stop and Denny's at 69 and Loop 287 before Jack-In-The-Box. No one is completely sure how it got there. But now some people want to save it.

Most of the ideas popping up on Facebook about how to integrate the boat into the area are not going to happen. Making it a part of a playground? It's a 50, 60 year old boat. Doesn't sound like that will pass city inspection. Other people are saying (I can almost agree) that we should be focusing our efforts on more worthy causes, knowing that there are lots of stuff around and in the Lufkin area that would benefit from our activism.

I know what it's like to lose icon's of your childhood in Lufkin, I mean where is Gulf Park? Never heard of it? It's been a vacant lot for years. Plop the boat there. I think people just don't like change. The same people that are protesting this boat being moved will likely be first in line for a Grand Slam breakfast at the new Denny's.

So what do you think about saving the boat. Take our poll below and let your voice be heard.