I was sitting with my wife Mindy last night and we saw the unthinkable happen. James voted off. He was red faced and crying and she told me she was done with this season of American Idol, so I had her contribute to this post. - DP

I love American Idol. I never miss an episode. But I will be missing several in the next few weeks after James was voted off last night. No one likes to see their favorite contestant get voted off, but to me, James was clearly superior to the other contestants. Even to the point that I could not care less which of them makes it through now. I am at a complete loss as to how eliminating him could have possibly happened. But America has spoken, and there is nothing that can be done now. Except not watch the final episodes, which is a first for me. - Mindy

I think I have seen every episode of American Idol since Kelly Clarkson battled it out the first time. I wonder what we will be watching next week, because apparently there will be no American Idol on. Unless I want to watch it by myself in the bedroom. And that's no fun. - DP