Ed Sheeran is back in the news again denying that there's anything romantic between him and Taylor Swift, but he does think that it's good for his image if people think someone like her would be attracted to a guy like him.

Speaking to the Australian radio show The Hot Hits, Ed reiterated that he and Taylor are not dating, but said, "I think the fact that people are believing I could date Taylor Swift quite impresses me."

Last year, Ed said that he doubted Taylor would be interested him because he's a "chubby" red-haired guy, while she tends to go for tall, handsome brown-haired dudes. But now Ed says, "The fact that people can believe it, it makes me seem like a bit of a stud, which is not necessarily true."

Ed also took to Twitter earlier this week to refute the rumors, and he says it's hard for him to get used to the fact that his life is tabloid news.

"I’ve never been properly like tabloid fodder before, ever. Like no one’s ever cared about me in that way, which is good,” he said. "Then suddenly within the last two weeks I am." Because of that he also added that he's glad to have a powerful tool like Twitter to counteract the lies.

"If there is something untrue I can just say it’s not true, and everyone that I need to see it sees it," he said. One thing is certain, if Ed and Taylor or a thing, they aren't talking about it.