It's one of those questions that's been on everyone's mind lately; are we losing our humanity or slowly gaining more consciousness about the world around us?

It would seem that nobody calls each other anymore unless they have no other choice, we do everything we can to avoid face-to-face interactions, we like and dislike rather than put actual words that could possibly be scrutinized into a thread. Is humanity losing it's touch with itself or are we moving into an age where those same technologies that we say might be destroying our society are really connecting us beyond anything we can even comprehend at this moment in history? Are we just so shut out and sheltered that we can't even distinguish between what is good for us as a whole or what could eventually rip apart the very fabric that holds our society together.

I remember being a teenager back when very few people even had cell phones, I remember having actual conversations with real people that lasted for hours on the phone. I remember when friends would just show up and knock on our door which is not at all polite in today's society. I remember feeling more connected with people close to me but at the same time feeling less connected to the world. I feel like now, even though we are constantly updated on every little thing that happens from pole to pole, in a way like never before in our known history, we are becoming less and less likely to form close relationships with actual people outside of a virtual setting.

I think our new found technologies that we all so love and adore must be balanced, like anything else, because too much of a good thing is no longer a good thing. We must learn how to use our social hubs of virtual reality without disconnecting ourselves from everyone in actual reality. So next time instead of sending that plain straight-to-the-point text, take the time to make a real phone call instead, the kind where you ask how the person is doing and you actually want to know, be engaged in your conversation on all levels.