I'm not going to lie! I had the DVR rolling like crazy this week with all of the new shows out! I FINALLY got the chance to catch the finale of Bachelor Pad 3 and boy am I glad I did! Chris Harrison wasn't lying... It was the craziest #BP finale ever!

Don't read this if you haven't seen the finale yet. If you do, you're going to be pissed because it's got spoilers galore. I don't get the whole Michael Stagliano obsession. Why didn't they play up the 'fan' angle any more? Inquiring minds want to know! Check out the full episode here.  FYI, I bet Lindzi is ticked she didn't get a Neil Lane Diamond too! On another note, go Erica Rose!!!

First off, bad girl Blakely was finally able to let down her guard and fell in love with a man that loved her for being her. That man clearly wasn't Chris. As Blakely said, Tony is a domesticated man. I'm not sure what that means but I'm don't think it's really a compliment. Tony ended up popping the question on bended knee. BTW, what the heck was she looking at???

Second, I wanted Chris and Sarah to win, but I was NOT buying the whole you can't say anything to me my family hasn't already said excuse. Just apologize and get it over with! Of course, they still might not vote for  you...

Third, I'm not a Jaclyn fan. She THINKS she controlled the game. The whole deal between she and Rachel was way over dramatized. $250K was on the line. What would you do? I wouldn't pick them either! Rachel and Nick made the right decision. Pick the couple you can beat.

Finally... Geaux Nick! It's  a game, Rachel did try to leave you. She didn't value you. The money is yours... Or as you so eloquently put it, 'You're a schmuck with $250K!'

So, in the end, Rachel is single and doesn't have any money. Michael and Nick are both schmucks. It almost makes Chris look good... That's why I love reality TV!