At the end of every year, we look forward to seeing how the year winded down, we talk about what we thought were the best videos, songs and artists. One that we of course never forget is what the best commercials were. We have finally finished compiling our list of what we think were the best commercials of 2012, here it is:

Audi's 2012 "Vampire Party"

I personal love the way this guy shows up to save the day with the "O Neg" and inadvertently kills all his vampire friends. Gotta love those new Audi LED lights.

Okio Commerical

This girl knows how to get what she wants: Just know the him the $?*& out!

Carlton Draught, "Beer Chase"

All these guys are worried about is spilling their precious beer, go figure, but still funny.

P&G "Proud Sponsor of Moms"

This one was so powerful it actually made me cry.

Direct Tv's "Charlie Sheen" Commercial

Poor Charlie, the jokes always on him.

Nike's "Greatness" Commercial

I really like this commercial, it shows us that any kid can be a hero, his parent's just need to buy him a pair of Nike shoes. Yep, apparently that's all it takes. . .

The Guardian's "Three Little Pigs"

All I have to say is "Wow"

Ferris Bueller Selling Hondas

I just love it when they reinvent the classics.

Well there you have it, our list of the best commercials of 2012; Maybe you liked em', maybe you didnt'? Tell us what you thought about the commercials by commenting below.