JUSTIN BIEBER's famous mop-top is no more. He cut his hair on Monday and now sports a messy but much shorter hairdo, without his trademark bangs.

Justin was working with Rascal Flatts on a music video for their song "That Should Be Me." Justin tweeted, "yeah so it's true...i got a lil haircut...i like it...and we are giving all the hair cut to CHARITY to auction. Details coming soon."  He also posted a photo of him during the video shoot, where his new 'do is clearly on display. (ABC)

I think it was time for a change, I think if he had cut it sooner and kept up fashion trends he would have stayed a little more relevant.

I think there are a lot of 12 year old girls that don't think Justin is the coolest, but if he would have kept it interesting they would have.  He needs to work on constantly changing his image and music, instead of dolls and putting his face on lunch boxes.  DP

Jennifer Aniston recently cut her hair too. Click here to see her new look!