I am always amazed at the huge upsurge in sales after the Grammy telecast.  I can't believe that people haven't heard these songs and purchased them.  I am exposed to so much music, I guess I don't understand why that the general public hasn't heard them.  Looks like people are getting told what music to listen too over the TV.  If you really want to find some

new music, the best place is on the radio.  Check out new Mike Posner and Jennifer Lopez today on the show.  Don't want you to have to wait a year to hear you new favorite song.

Take a look at this list of huge sales increases since Grammy night. DP

Sigh No More by Grammy performers MUMFORD & SONS -- 169% sales increase; holds at #2
Need You Now by big Grammy winners LADY ANTEBELLUM -- 205% sales increase; moves #17to #4

Doo-Wops & Hooligans by Grammy winner and performer BRUNO MARS -- 55% sales increase; moves #6 to #5
Recovery by Grammy winner and performer EMINEM -- 60% sales increase;

moves #7 to #6
The Suburbs by Grammy winners and performers ARCADE FIRE -- 238% increase; moves #52 to #12
Chamber Music Society by Grammy winner and performer

-- 476% increase; re-enters at #34
"Born This Way" by Grammy winner and performer LADY GAGA -- 14% increase
"Forget You" by Grammy winner and performer CEE-LO GREEN -- 178% increase
"I Need A Doctor" by Grammy performers DR. DRE, SKLYAR GREY and EMINEM -- 172% increase
"Never Say Never" by Grammy performer Justin Bieber -- 67% increase