A school bus driver has plenty of responsibility. Operating a vehicle of that size is hard enough, but add early morning routes that include the far reaches of the district, and the charge of keeping up with more than 40 kids, and the responsibility mounts.

Lufkin ISD driver Robert Hunt doesn’t mind. In fact, Hunt added even more responsibility to his plate when he arranged a field trip Monday for the students he takes home on his bus.

After seeing the Museum of East Texas’ Festival of Trees on television, Hunt decided that his bus-load of youngsters would probably get a kick out of seeing the display in person.

“This is my Christmas present to the kids,” Hunt said. “I thought they would enjoy this, and I know a lot of the kids on my bus are in situations to where they wouldn’t get this chance if we didn’t give it to them.”

Hunt’s bus includes students from three Lufkin schools, many of whom live in poverty stricken areas. Hunt orchestrated the idea and set the process in motion by asking permission from his boss, LISD transportation director Kelly Wesley.

Hunt made sure the students had signed permission slips, just like an ordinary class field trip. When the kids boarded the bus at the end of the day, Hunt made a stop at the MET before taking them home.

Smith was there to help chaperone the students, along with teachers and principals from the three schools. (Source - Lufkin Daily News) . What a great guy, we need more people just like him!