You don't see this happen every day.  The lady was doing a report on high gas prices and right behind her shoulder to the right of the screen someone must have ran a red light cause BAM!  She was a professional for sure and she didn't even flinch.


I had to rewind it a couple of times to really get the crash in the picture, but it still didn't quite turn out.


In this video a reporter for News Channel 8 in Tampa does not let a car crash behind her bother her as she completes her LIVE shot while out on location.Just as News Channel 8 reporter Adrienne Pedersen was wrapping up her report on high gas prices, a car goes through an intersection a collides with a taxi.




While Pedersen didn’t seem to be distracted by the collision, the anchor’s observation of what just happened is kind of funny. I thought it was witty of the anchor to say that the high gas prices behind Pedersen may have been the reason behind the crash.

“I heard it, but I had no idea what it was,” says Pedersen. “I really just wanted to get off the air so we could run over and make sure they were OK.”

The driver of the compact car was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, authorities said.