Fake Trees are Most Popular, But What Color?
If you have an artificial Christmas tree you're in the norm.  Two-thirds of us have the fake trees, and less than 1 in 5 go to the work of hauling a real one home on the roof of the car.
The most popular artificial tree color in Texas falls right in line with the rest of the country, a…
The Funniest + Strangest Christmas Card I’ve Received
The Christmas card I received in the mail yesterday had me nearly rolling on the floor laughing, because it was unexpected and nontraditional!
Sending Christmas cards to friends, family and business acquaintances is a dying art thanks to texting and email...
Stores Do These Things To Make Us Spend More
Did you know our favorite store might be putting the higher priced items at eye level so we'll lock a gaze with it and buy it?  The cheaper stuff is usually a step or two above or below. What else do stores do to get us to buy, that we might not notice?

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