Jennifer Lopez Prepping a 2012 World Tour
Jennifer Lopez is gearing up for her biggest tour ever with more then 60 dates planned in four continents later this year. A source tells Celebuzz the trek will begin in June in South America, followed by legs in Asia, Europe and North America.
New Edition On Tour (VIDEO)
Far be it from me to judge, I'm sure this tour was scheduled well before Whitney's death, but Bobby Brown will be making his way to the Shreveport/Bossier City area = easy driving distance with his group New Edition! Check out all the info here! I'm feeling another party bus!
Ultra Music Festival In Miami (VIDEO)
It's completely sold out... It's got the biggest DJ's in the WORLD... It's in Miami... It's Ultra Music Festival featuring Tiesto, David Guetta, Afrojack, M83, New Order, Skrillex and more!
The Electric Daisy Carnival (VIDEO)
How the heck have I never seen this before?!?! It's called the Electric Daisy Carnival. It says it's the 16th annual and it looks like a blast! Of course, you have to call it the "EDC" if you want to be cool and Vegas is the perfect backdrop...
Jason Derulo Fractures Neck While Rehearsing for Tour
Jason Derulo is sporting a new accessory around his neck after taking a fall while rehearsing the choreography for his forthcoming tour Wednesday afternoon, Jan. 4. Derulo took to his social networking sites where he posted a picture of himself laid up with a neck brace, but at least looking to be i…

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