Your Kids Are Going To Love “The Ugly Duckling”
Saturday, October 6th at 2:30 pm, Bring the family to see when Lightwire Theater sets the stage aglow at the Temple Theater in Lufkin. Hans Christian Andersen's "The Ugly Duckling" and Aesop's fable, "The Tortoise and The Hare" come to life
East Texas Got Talent Winners List [VIDEO]
Special thanks to all of our contestants that preformed at last nights East Texas Got Talent at the Texas State Forest Festival! Night two of the festival was rockin' thanks to our contestants. All 12 of them showed up and did an amazing job! Hopefully we get to do it again next year, and with a div…
East Texas Got Talent Contestants Last 3 [VIDEO]
These last 3 submissions already have been on multiple posts since they were turned in early.  But I did want to take this last chance to showcase them here before the competition tonight.  These three will have their chances in front of the judges in just a few hours at the Texas State Fo…
East Texas Got Talent Contestant Tristian Jessica Day [VIDEO]
Tonight is the night for East Texas Got Talent. Here is another one of our contestants in the top 12. All contestants will take the stage and perform for the judges for cash prizes. They all uploaded these YouTube Video’s to the website. After they submitted to be a part of the show …
East Texas Got Talent Contestant Chris Oney [VIDEO]
We got tons of video's for our East Texas Got Talent contest and I wanted to make each one feel special and put them up here on the website.   As you watch these video's remember that all of our contestants submitted a video to be part of the show.
East Texas Got Talent Contestant Sabrina Toole [VIDEO]
I will be doing a series of posts here to the website showing the video's that each of our contestants submitted to be a part of East Texas Got Talent with K-Fox 95 and the Texas State Forest Festival.  Everyone of the contestants have been chosen for their amazing talent and stage presenc…
Top 12 on East Texas Got Talent Finalists- Full List
The judges have narrowed down the field of entries to "East Texas Got Talent?" down to just 12. If they show up on Thursday they will all have the chance to compete for the Grand Prize of 500 dollars. The top 3 as decided by our judges will be in the money this Thursday night
America’s Got Talent Finale Tonight on NBC [VIDEO]
The fam and I have been watching Americas Got Talent every night that its on and I am pretty invested in the results.  I think it's been a great season, I was intrigued by Willam Close and his Earth Harp, but year after year it seems like the same old stuff gets through...

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