Family Crisis Center of East Texas WINS New Mini-Van
The results are in! It was just announced that the Family Crisis Center of East Texas is the “Day 73” WINNER in the Toyota 100 Cars for Good program. 100 Cars for Good is a major philanthropic initiative in which the automaker is giving 100 cars to 100 nonprofits over t…
Did the Family Crisis Center Of East Texas Win a Mini Van Yesterday?
All signs from the voting point to yes, but the official page of the Toyota's 100 Cars For Good still has Tuesday's winner featured, and it says yesterday's winner, as of the time of the post.
I was thinking that some people, like me, might have been searching to find out if the official announcement…
Fireworks Safety
As we head into the 4th of July, fireworks safety is paramount! Here are some guidelines to keep us all safe!
Cook Some Fancy Hot Dogs this 4th Of July! [VIDEO]
Everyone at my house loves a good hot dog.  I have some in the fridge right now I am thinking about grilling up for the up coming 4th of July.  I am going to say that this weekend is kind of like the 4th Of July weekend
Ellen Trout Zoo Tiger Cam is Addictive! [LINK]
Just got this link for the Tiger Cam today at Ellen Trout Zoo today, and I am hooked.  I kept it up on my computer all afternoon and shouted "Tigers! There Grrrr ate!" every time they showed up on the screen.  Very cool that you can also talk control of the camera...
Miss Out on Venus Passing In Front of the Sun? We Have the Video!
I totally spaced on the entire Venus passing in front of the sun thing. I heard you have to make some special viewer and it just sounded like too much work, and I wouldn't technically be "seeing" it at all really. So I wait till today to get a few of this phenomenon known as…

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