Vape Summit In Houston Is Huge [PHOTOS]
The Vape Summit in Houston at the NRG Center starts up tomorrow bright and early at 10am. I got a sneak peak today and it was amazing. This is going to be a huge show day tomorrow. Follow them on Facebook for discount admission and more!
9 Lies About Your Hair Cair [VIDEO]
Take it from someone that is said to have good hair, all of these are not true in every case, but interesting none the less. They call me "Good Hair Dan" around the office. Mostly because it's the only positive thing they can think of.
This Coke Bottle Makes New Friends [VIDEO]
Being a college freshman in a new city at a new school is sometimes hard: you have to make new friends from scratch, and have lots of school work to do. Coca-Cola decided to break the ice for these freshmen with a little teamwork.

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