Walking Tour Of New Lufkin Municipal Court House [VIDEO]
The Lufkin Municipal Court is where go to settle tickets and other city issues in Lufkin. So usually when you go there, it's not always a good thing. But yesterday we got a behind the scenes look at the new Lufkin Municipal Courthouse with amazing one time only access.
What Does The Baby Sloth Say? [VIDEO]
Sloths are very strange to me, but I find some people think they are very cute. Seems as though the only thing cuter than a Sloth, is a baby Sloth. The noises they make are super weird.
Make a Toy Gun Out of a Clothespin? [VIDEO]
Imagine just taking these clothespins off the line to be remade into a weapon of matchstick destruction. You will be the hit of the party if you show a bunch of friends how to make this.
Look Asian People Eat Weird Things [VIDEO]
Some foods that we eat everyday must seem pretty strange and foreign to people in other countries. I have been trying to eat better, and I think this food would for sure keep my calorie count down.

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