Free Back To School Eye Screenings at The Center For Sight
It's time to send the kids back to school. Everyone is busy enjoying the tax free weekend, and buying all those back to school clothes, sometimes it's easy to forget something. One thing that could be even more critical to your kids success in school is proper eyesight...
Never Have A Water Damaged Phone Break Again [VIDEO]
New products are coming to make our lives better!  You have done it before, going to the lake, the pool, using the restroom, and you drop your phone.  It's dripping wet and you run to the nearest bag of rice to try to save it.
Japanese Relic Found Being Used As TV Stand [VIDEO]
I think back in 1970 this lady made a pretty good investment. Museums and collectors have been searching for this chest since 1941.  The Japanese relic was being used as a bar/tv stand when it was discovered. It was purchased way back in 1970 for a measly $150 and served double duty since then…
Spelling Bee Champ is 13 Year Old Boy From New York! [VIDEO]
Arvind Mahankali, this years Spelling Bee Champ will not be needing the spell checker to do his job in the future.  He won't be like me wondering and hoping when I type these stories that how I spell is incorrect.  It's a life without the restraints of illiteracy, and compared to…

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