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5 More Restaurants We Miss In Lufkin
When I made the first list, I had 5 more pop into my head. Luckily this list is gone from the area, but not the world, so you can still sample the food, if you are willing to drive a little.
Does Lufkin Need Another Sports Bar?
Maybe you've already decided the couch is best on Sunday with an enormous bowl of chips and queso on the coffee table, but the bars will be packed too.  Could Lufkin benefit from another sports bar?
Lufkin IHOP Closed For Remodel
Our Local 24 Hour IHOP was actually closed today when we drove by. Seems like they closed it for a bit to put on some new paint and facade. Hopefully it will re-open soon.
Your Lufkin Super Bowl Party Will Feature Cupcakes
This is prep week for the big Super Bowl Party February 5th, and we're all searching for the best recipes to impress our friends, and satisfy the big holes in our stomachs that need gooey, fattening foods.
While other states are looking for "Oven Mac n Cheese" and "Buffalo Wing Dip,&qu…

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