Gone Viral

Grootify Anything Online
If you've seen Marvel's summer blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy, you know how great Groot is. The humanoid tree creature who only speaks three words steals the whole movie, with audiences going bananas over him.
Apparently Kid Can Sing! [VIDEO]
What is better than the biggest viral video on the internet? How about the same video set to music and autotuned? Apparently it's a win, cause I have watched it twice and I am about to start it again. Apparently.
When this kid hit the scene he blew up big time...
Chris Pratt Raps With Dr. Dre For Real [NSFW VIDEO]
Chris Pratt continues to win our hearts and prove he's one of the coolest actors around by spitting hot fire to Dr. Dre & Eminem's "Forgot About Dre". You saw the original video earlier, but now an internet genius has synced it up with the original music too. Prep…
Fight Breaks Out In Backseat Over Pancakes [VIDEO]
There are tons of great reasons to hit your siblings. Pancakes are not one of them. I think people with kids need to turn those dash cams around and take video 24/7 of their kids. It's great birth control.
I am sure I started some pretty stupid arguments with my sister over less...
Crack Head Kid Is At It Again! [VIDEO]
This is a thing now. This is my first chance to discover 'Crack Head Kid.' It started as some Vine Videos of this kid playing a little b-ball. Now it's evolved into a full mega mix!

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