Gone Viral

Sesame Street Answers: What Does the Fox Say?
Did you know Sesame Street has a Vine account? I had no idea, and I feel like I've been missing out. Quick 6-second bursts of Muppets are awesome pick-me-ups during the day, especially when they're as informative as this one.
DJ Earworm’s 2013 ‘United States of Pop’ Is Here
In what has become an annual must-listen recap of the last 365 days of jams, DJ Earworm's United States of Pop manages to weave all of your favorite songs from the year together into one massive mash-up. 2013 was a great year for pop music, and it's all in this year's mix, called &…
Biebs Busted With Babes In Rio? [VIDEO]
Justin Bieber has been romping through South America, inviting fans over, eating snacks, tagging buildings, building houses, and generally being a young pop star. Now though, he may have gone too far with a Brazilian Lady of the Night.
Is Time Travel Possible? Watch This! [VIDEO]
Either time travel is possible or....OR people look like other people. I am not convinced that time travel is possible. I am certain that everyone has a doppelganger right now on earth that looks a lot like them.

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