Gone Viral

Worlds Most Awkward Sports Cast [VIDEO]
I am not a real sports fan.  I will admit it freely.  But I can tell the difference between a good sportscast and one that is frequently awkward, and about to go off the tracks at any moment.
It’s Tabby Tuesday, How About A Cat Shark! [VIDEO]
Rumors have been circulating that they are going to do a reboot of "Jaws."  With "Sharknado" and Discovery's Shark Week Pulling down massive ratings, it looks like we are just as interested in them as we were in 1975 when the first movie came out.
Amazing Butterfly Knife Bottle Opener [VIDEO]
When I was a kid I used to ride my bike all the way to a store that sold Chinese weaponry.  I don't know how I convinced them to sell it to me but I did.  Everything from butterfly knives to throwing stars.  So when I saw this butterfly knife bottle opener, I got a little nostalg…
YouTube Throwback Thursday! [VIDEO]
Ever see video's on someones current facebook wall that are 3 years old that you have seen a million times?  Good send those to me and we will have lots of fun with Throwback Thursday YouTube edition!

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