Gone Viral

This Gross Chainsaw Massacre Prank Is Crazy! [SCARY]
This one is not for the kids. You know Leatherface, Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Well how about we bring that to real life in a parking garage for you. Nope? Well too bad here it is, complete with a legless man to serve as someone that had been chopped up. Happy Halloween!
11 Year Old Hip Hop Dancer Steals The Show [VIDEO]
Taylor and her choreographer Lawrence performed on the Ellen Show this week. I think Ellen has found another pre-teen sensation. She can move and dance like no 11 year old I have ever seen. Here she is dancing to Anaconda.
Hunter Discovers Naked Confused Man In Woods [VIDEO]
While bow hunting on his land in the Chattahoochee Hills, outside of Atlanta, Georgia, Casey Sanders came upon a naked man wandering near a creek. He has a lot of questions for the man. I mean, what do you ask a naked guy you find in the woods?

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