Manly Monday

Lake Trip Gone Wrong – Manly Monday [VIDEO]
I could go into a long discussion of tow packages and proper tires for towing a boat out of the water, but I won't bore you with that. Lets see this guy try to use two trucks to get his pontoon boat out of the water, and fail.
Jet Flies Dangerously Close At Air Show [VIDEO]
Have you ever wanted to see a fighter jet up close and personal? This air show in Waddington, U.K. gave these spectators chance. Like a scene out of Top Gun, the plane screams over the heads of the crowd, only missing them by a few feet.
Star Wars Spoiler, Leaks On YouTube [WATCH]
SPOILER TEST! If this had been an actual spoiler this video would contain actual Star Wars Episode VII footage. But this is just a guy that is really good with Photoshop and video editing!