Kesha Adopts a Kitten [PHOTOS]
Kesha has added a new 'Animal' to her fanbase -- literally.
The glitter-loving singer, who is a Global Ambassador for the Humane Society, recently rescued an adorable male kitten and adopted him as her own.
Fireman Saves Kitten From Burning Building [VIDEO]
Sorry, it just got really dusty in here. And I've got allergies. And also this is the most adorable video I've seen all week. Watch a firefighter save a kitten from a burning building, and then pass the tissues. I swear I just got something in my eye.
15 Animals Who Are Tired of Your Nonsense
In case you haven't noticed, us humans are really annoying, especially when it comes to pets. We dress 'em up in embarrassing costumes and bathe them til they hate us and honestly? We can't blame them at all for retaliation.
9 Animals Confused By Trampolines
Raise your hand if you love trampolines! We sure do, particularly because they're like an instant way to revisit our inner five-year-old. While trampolines are no doubt fun, they can be hilariously painful, too (see: epic fails). If you think about it, though, the trampoline concept is also str…
God Made A Dog – Touching and True [VIDEO]
This really made me think about my dog.  She ain't much.  4lbs. of purebred Mexican Chihuahua fun.   We got her at Halloween 3 years ago, so we named her Boo.
She barks when you breath on the front door.   She scratches to go in and out, and when she has accidents t…

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