This Cat Has Questionable Hunting Skills [VIDEO]
Matt Jones via YouTube
I'm not sure what "Horatio the Hunter" is actually hunting, but this cat might be the most useless cat since Garfield.
We're sure that small mouse-like hamster creature is another pet of some sort and these two are simply playing...
Instagram Famous Pets Include Raccoon And Squirrel
Sure, there are plenty of Instagram famous dogs and cats, but there are also a lot of up and coming non-traditional pets.
There are dogs like Tuna, who I usually call Phteven.
That annoying moment when you're trying to mind your own business and fall asleep but your mom realized that she didn't post a…
Kitten With No Back Legs Take First Steps With Kitty Wheelchair
This story got me right in the feels.
Cassidy spent nine weeks fighting for his life, trying to find food and water. He moved around by dragging his little body along using just his front legs. His back legs appeared to be missing. A local property owner found him and alerted Shelly Roche, who works …
Last Living 9/11 Dog Gets A Sweet 16 Party
Ground Zero was Bretagne's first ever time out as a first responder, and she just turned 16-years-old on Wednesday. She got a trip to New York City to celebrate, and there was even a Times Square billboard put up in her honor. Bretagne lives with her owner/handler, Denise, in Cypress,…

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