Justin Timberlake to Tie the Knot This Week
Justin Timberlake and fiancée Jessica Biel might make it official this week --  and in Italy, of all romantic locales. The long-engaged couple, who decided to unite in marriage over the holidays in 2011, are reportedly set to tie the knot this week.
Billionaire Offers $65 Million to Any Man To Marry His Daughter
But of course for 65 Million there is a catch.  His daughter is a lesbian, on top of that she is already married to another women.
If you think you have what it takes, get to Hong Kong as fast as you can, because billionaire Cecil Chao Sze-Tsung has an offer you can't refuse...
The Most Terrifying Proposal Ever! [VIDEO]
I don't care what the db's on YouTube are saying about this video. At the end of this proposal, if she didn't know whether or not she loved the dude, it would have been clear! I don't want to say too much or give it away, but watch the video and tell me what you think!

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