Nice Guys Finish Last? Pathetic? [VIDEO]
I married the guy who called me the same night that we met. He didn't wait three days and he's def not pathetic, just sayin'. What do you think about this guy? Some women actually like nice guys.

Is Adele Getting Engaged?
The good news keeps pouring in for Adele! The ’21′ singer announced her pregnancy last week, and now there are whispers that her man may be putting a ring on it.
Huge Cat Free To Good Home [PHOTO]
Okay I have a fat cat (his name is Jack) and could perhaps be a record holder. He has to be around 40 pounds - no joke.
Now don't get me wrong he is a big cat, without the extra weight. I have a dog and another "regular" cat. Problem is that you can't really restrict food from Jack. He …

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