Did Jennifer Lopez Have a Nipple Slip at the 2012 Oscars?
Jennifer Lopez presented two awards — one for best makeup and one for best costumes– with Cameron Diaz at the Oscars. But it was Lopez’s dress that has everybody buzzing after some folks think they spotted a dreaded waldrobe malfunction while Lopez presented the second aw…
Watch Toronto’s Batman Freak Out Pedestrians
Batman will generally only don his bat-suit when there is crime that needs to be fought. However, there is another caped crusader — Toronto Batman — who has no problem slipping into the iconic costume just because he wants to enjoy a night on the town.
What Time Will the 2012 Grammy Awards Be On?
It’s that time of year again! Hollywood is in the full swing of awards season. Next on the list of glitzy galas is the 54th annual Grammy Awards. They will air live on CBS, this Sunday, February 12th at 8 pm Eastern and 7 pm Central.
10 Wacky Weathermen For National Weatherman’s Day
The Super Bowl may be played indoors on Sunday, but you should care about the forecast, anyway, because February 5 is National Weatherman’s Day. Technically, there’s no congressional record of it being an official national day, but it’s celebrated beca…

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