‘SNL’ and Andy Samberg Ask “When Will the Bass Drop?”
This season of 'SNL' has been all about truly weird and experimental digital shorts, so it only makes sense that guest host Andy Samberg (who helped pioneer them in the first place) would help make one of the strangest. There's almost no dialogue in this sketch and the joke isn't immediately accessi…
Turn Down for Hank Hill [AUDIO]
Turn down for h'wat? Hank Hill from King of the Hill singing Lil Jon & DJ Snake's megahit Turn Down For What is probably the best thing you're gonna hear all week.
‘SNL': Andrew Garfield Faces the Wrath of “The Beygency”
This season of 'SNL' hasn't been shy about getting truly weird with its digital shorts, but it may have reached its weird zenith with the fake trailer for a thriller called 'The Beygency.' Both a parody of dystopic thrillers and a commentary on what it's like to not be totally in love with Beyonce's…
‘Grease’ Live Musical Set to Air on Fox in 2015
NBC can't get all of the live, televised musicals! After the success of their 'Sound of Music Live!' event last year and their upcoming 'Peter Pan Live!' show, rival network Fox has as announced that they will be producing a three-hour special of 'Grease' live on t…

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