We Need A New Logo!
The Great Kid Escape will take over the Lufkin Convention Center on June 21, 2014! But before we can kick off one of the best days of the year, we gotta get a new logo! That's where you come in.
K-Fox 95.5 Had A Snowball Fight! [VIDEO]
In the radio business, there is a constant struggle between the folks you hear on the air, the music programming staff, and the folks who keep the lights on and the bills paid, the sales staff. Today, this struggle became real.
Career Opportunity – Sales Account Executive
EXPERIENCE/ SKILLS: As part of an on-going recruitment campaign for our radio and digital advertising sales team, we are looking for an Account Executive who has the ability and desire to make a lot of calls to businesses, create relationships with current …
Great Kid Escape 2014: We Want Your Vote!
It may only be December now but it'll be the summer before you know it, and that can only mean one thing: it'll be time for the second Great Kid Escape here in East Texas! This year, we want to hear from YOU: which celebrities would you like to meet at the show?
Who Is the Winner of Our $10,000 Cash Contest?
We gave away $1,000 two times a day during the month of November, but since we love cash so much we wanted to give away $10,000 to one of our VIP members. So now the burning question is: who won the grand prize in our $10,000 cash contest?

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