Is That A UFO Flying By An Airplane?
Someone call Will Smith and get him on this!
Ok, so it's probably not a UFO. Even a UFO expert The Sun talked to isn't convinced.
However, British UFO expert Russ Kellett isn’t convinced the object is a vessel from another planet.
He said: “It seems to get narrower …
The Great Gecko Adventure [VIDEO]
Every Morning at the station it's something different in my studio. I really don't understand how all these creatures get in an interior room in the office. Today it was gecko.
Father’s Day Video Game “Let’s Play” – Octodad
With Father's Day right around the corner, we had to do a special "KFOX 95.5 Let's Play". This week, I was introduced to a strange little game called, "Octodad: World's Dadliest Catch," and boy was I confused.
First of all, because I am an actual Fat…
Bread War Breaks Out At Station [VIDEO]
Today was a day that will live in infamy. It was the crust of times, it was the yeast of times. Some malicious character left a loaf of bread in our studio, knowing full well the havoc that it would cause amongst our brethren.

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