Painting Puffy Clouds Is Amazingly Calming [VIDEO]
After a long stressful day at work, there is just something super soothing about the voice of Bob Ross painting some puffy clouds. I used to watch his show on PBS, since it was pretty much the only thing on after Sesame Street back in the day.
Yell Out A Window In Sweden, Everyone Yells Back! [VIDEO]
In this video video Reddit user BuffPiggy says "It’s 10pm, watch what happens when you scream out of the window" He gets up, goes to the window and yells. Then you start hearing men, women - everyone in the surrounding buildings yelling back!
Princess Wand Reveals Scary Image [VIDEO]
I have seen this a couple of times and apparently it won't go away till I tell you about it. Some lady bought a product that was labeled correctly but put in the wrong place. It was a Princess Wand with a scary picture behind the label.
Roommate Gets Caught Dancing While Cleaning the Apartment
There's just something about dancing while cleaning that makes cleaning so much better.
When you throw in a mop of sorts and a good dancing song, all bets are off!
These party animals had a Halloween party and things got messy. So one roommate woke up surprised to hear music coming from downstair…
Watch Adult Swim’s Insane ‘Too Many Cooks’ Parody
It's Friday, and we're all about ready to check out at this point, but there's nothing quite like a fresh cup of insanity to start off your day, or in the case of some Adult Swim viewers, keep you awake for days to come. Find out for yourself with the new 'Too Many Cooks' vi…

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