Bread War Breaks Out At Station [VIDEO]
Today was a day that will live in infamy. It was the crust of times, it was the yeast of times. Some malicious character left a loaf of bread in our studio, knowing full well the havoc that it would cause amongst our brethren.
Painting Puffy Clouds Is Amazingly Calming [VIDEO]
After a long stressful day at work, there is just something super soothing about the voice of Bob Ross painting some puffy clouds. I used to watch his show on PBS, since it was pretty much the only thing on after Sesame Street back in the day.
Princess Wand Reveals Scary Image [VIDEO]
I have seen this a couple of times and apparently it won't go away till I tell you about it. Some lady bought a product that was labeled correctly but put in the wrong place. It was a Princess Wand with a scary picture behind the label.
Roommate Gets Caught Dancing While Cleaning the Apartment
There's just something about dancing while cleaning that makes cleaning so much better.
When you throw in a mop of sorts and a good dancing song, all bets are off!
These party animals had a Halloween party and things got messy. So one roommate woke up surprised to hear music coming from downstair…

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