Kristen Stewart Says She Wants To Tattoo Her Head
Kristen Stewart has been making headlines for her daring fashion decisions lately -- but this is something we never expected.
In a recent interview with fashion and beauty site Into The Gloss, K-Stew dished on her makeup and hair tips -- and revealed something that we never saw coming...
Why Is This Dumb Video So Funny?
Why can't I stop laughing at this video? It's only 17 seconds long, has no narration or spoken words at all, heck, there aren't even any people or animals in it. But it has to be the funniest thing I've seen all week. What's going on here?
Demi Lovato Twerks on Simon Cowell
Demi Lovato may have said that she hates the twerking trend while her pal Miley Cyrus twerks till she can't twerk no more. But the 'X Factor' judge is not above getting her twerk on every once in a while. She twerked up on her boss Simon Cowell during last week's episode.
The New K-Fox Theme Song
Norway, you're really weird sometimes. I didn't know I needed to hear a pop song about a fox until now, but I'm so glad this exists. Find out what sound a K-Fox makes after the jump.

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