Now Your Can Put Your Face on the Gift Wrap
Imagine your dad's delight when you hand him a gift that's wrapped in packaging with your face plastered all over it.  Who needs a bunch of Santas or Reindeer, when it can be your face all over the paper, on a dancing elf!  This is the ultimate Christmas selfie.
Black Friday Fights are Most Likely in These States
So there's only one flat screen TV left at the door buster price, and you and another person grab it at the same time and start the stare down.  Do you push and pull and tackle that shopper like it's 4th and goal and the game is on the line?  In these ten states you do.…
Here’s the Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish in Texas
Any guess?  I would think that green bean casserole with the crispy, french fried onions on top would be the favorite Thanksgiving side dish in Texas because it seems to be everywhere, but it's not what most people pick.  (Does anyone know if those things are actually onions?)  Apparently the green …
Texas Man Assaulted Girlfriend Because She Wouldn’t Smell His Arm Pit
This is weird.
Robinson Pinilla-Bolivar asked his girlfriend to smell his arm pit (Why? I have no idea.) and she refused. Now, he's in jail.
According to the girlfriend, he assaulted her.
She explains he responded by hitting her on the back of the head with a closed fist, and then held a knife to …

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