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Audi Lets RS4 Avants Play Paintball [VIDEO]
We’re really not sure why Audi decided to mount high-power paintball guns on two RS4 Avants before setting them loose in a warehouse to duel it out, but we suppose it doesn't really matter, because it's pretty cool.
The Brit Award Winners
The UK's version of The Grammys, The Brit Awards, were given out last night in London. Mumford and Sons, Adele, One Direction, and The Black Keys were among the winners. Check out the full list under the cut.
Meteor Hits Lake in Russia Injuring Thousands[VIDEO]
On the same day that the 40 meter-long asteroid named "2012 DA14" is scheduled to skirt around our planet, a meteor hits a lake in Russia injuring thousands from flying debris cause by the blast. About 3,000 buildings have sustained damage
Asteroid Will Miss Earth Only By 15 Mins Friday[VIDEO]
An asteroid the size of a football field will miss earth by 15 mins Friday. This asteroid will come with-in 17,000 miles of earth, most of our satalites that we use to broadcast television among other things are about 23,000 feet away from Earth.

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