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Casey Anthony Ordeal Still Not Over
According to local news sources, the infamous defendant from the U.S. trial over the disappearance and death of three year old Caylee Anthony, Casey Anthony says that she will keep on fighting to throw out her convictions for lying to authorities as they investigated the disappea…
Would You Like to Go to Mars?
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live on Mars? In 2023 the first four humans (Mars One) will be sent to Mars to live on the planet forever.
Mom Wakes Up to 6 Foot Python Wrapped Around Toddler [VIDEO]
I can't imagine the horror this parent must have felt when she awoke to an enormous snake wrapped around her little girl. The mother, who only noticed that something was wrong because her cat started hissing at the snake, who was obviously trying to devour the small child, quickly yanked the snake o…
Tuna Sells For a Cool $1.76 Million Dollars
It's a story that should make everybody want to invest in a fishing boat. A 489 pound bluefish tuna caught off the coast of Japan has just been sold for $1.76 million during an auction at Toyko's Tsukiji fish market.
Billionaire Offers $65 Million to Any Man To Marry His Daughter
But of course for 65 Million there is a catch.  His daughter is a lesbian, on top of that she is already married to another women.
If you think you have what it takes, get to Hong Kong as fast as you can, because billionaire Cecil Chao Sze-Tsung has an offer you can't refuse...
Mom Shaves Kids Heads With Numbers To Tell Them Apart [VIDEO]
These quadruplets have shaved numbers into their heads. No they aren't in trouble for a haircut gone wrong their mother did it just to be able to tell them apart. As you can plainly see in the picture, and the video, the numbers 1-4 are plain to see to help better identify them. The...
Hurricane Isaac to Impact Lufkin Nacogdoches Tommorrow [VIDEO]
As we anticipate just a taste of the storms that have been affecting Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, a Flash Flood Watch has already been slated for Thursday Morning in Sabine, San Augustine, and Shelby counties. I am sure that more will follow as we get closer to our time to deal with Isaac..…

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