Hope you've got some popcorn handy, because this is good.

Beyonce performed her country song (Yeah, that one came as a surprise to me, too! I really need to watch Lemonade.) at the Country Music Awards with the Dixie Chicks, and country music fans were not having it.

It was a huge performance, but if you go look at the CMA's Twitter, there's not a single sign that Beyonce was around, thanks to a bunch of racist keyboard jockeys.


Hop over to the official CMA website and again, nada. Same with YouTube, Instagram, etc.


The internet doesn't forget, CMAs. We all know that performance happened. Maybe swing the mighty ban hammer and put out a statement denouncing the racist comments instead of pretending the performance never happened?

ETA - Wait a minute! They reposted this on Instagram. An olive branch to the Beyhive, perhaps?


#Repost @beyonce #CMAawards50 ・・・ Daddy Lessons ft. Dixie Chicks www.beyonce.com

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