In New Hampshire, 20-month old Olivia, is healing after life saving surgery to remove a colored pencil from her head.

According to her mother Susie Smith, Olivia was coloring at the kitchen table when she fell. The mother didn't realize that her daughter was hurt until her 3 year old said that "the pencil was in her head". Then to her horror she saw about 2 inches of the colored pencil sticking out of her child's eye, the other 5 inches where lodged in Olivia's brain.

Susie immediately called 911 who were able to air-lifted the little girl to Children's Hospital in Boston. The little girl underwent neurosurgery to remove the orange colored pencil from the child's brain and eye. Olivia suffered 3 strokes, but luckily the pencil missed the her optic nerve and all major blood vessel's.  Although she is still having some trouble with her right side cause by the stroke, she is expected to make a full recovery.

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