Phyllis Diller was an amazing woman that paved the way for female comedians for years to come.  Some of my favorites owe their acceptace to this housewife turned comedian.  She was known for her trademark laugh, and I always thought she was a funny older lady.  I now know why, she was 37 when the mother of five made her nightclub debut at the Purple Onion in San Francisco in 1955.  So all of my life she was old...older than my grandparents.  I remember her being on the Johnny Carson show and popping up here and there for TV specials.  She had the "laugh's per minute" that every comedian strives for.  A rapid fire Rodney Dangerfield like approach to comedy that is due for a comeback in this day and age.

She died peacefully in her sleep surrounded by loved ones in her home.  We should all be so lucky.