An estimated 15,000 people park their vehicles at Carpenter’s Way Church in December, drawn in by dancing Christmas lights in excess of 100,000 bulbs. The church’s Concert of Lights, synced to music and controlled by computers, is in its fourth year, and the community response has been stronger than ever.

More than 30 volunteers from the church spend countless hours putting the light show in motion each year. Aside from setting up the lights, the technical aspect of the production takes months to perfect.

The show is run on 14 controllers that operate over 220 individual channels. The channels in turn control the lights, which results in programming that is down to the nanosecond in terms of which lights are flashing during certain parts of each song.

The 30-minute Concert of Lights is played continuously from 6 p.m. to midnight in the Carpenter’s Way parking lot. The radio sync can be found on FM 94.3. (Source - Lufkin Daily News