I thought the Super Bowl commercials this year okay.  I wouldn't say awesome just okay.  Now of course my favorite was the Sling Baby Doritos commercial.  I had a chance to interview the director and I think my wife alone voted for the video at least 300 times so it would air during the game.






Luckily the video made it on to the game, and they won the chance to make another Doritos video with Andy Samburg SNL production company, some cash and of course bragging rights.  Not bad for a commercial that took them less than $3,000 dollars to make.

In the interview I learned that the baby, was just one of the crews kid, but the other 2 characters from the video were paid actors.  They also said feeding the crew was what made up most of the budget, as most of them just worked for food!  They said that they had about 10 or so bags of Doritos and they had to beat the crew off of them!

Here are some of my other favorites of the night.



This was a Chevy add and was also a homemade video.  Just goes to show that you don't have to spend a ton of money to have an awesome commercial. I know I sure would have liked a new Camaro, instead of a dorm fridge.



This one was a huge hit at the party I was at last night.  Everyone loved that the dog lost weight to go chase the bug.  I think it was the most anticipated commercial of the night.  If your favorite wasn't listed here tell me what it was on facebook!