Well things are not very positive in the Rihanna camp this week. She is getting sued again, perhaps rightfully so, perhaps not. This time it's 19-year-old Paris-based fashion photographer Philipp Paulus. He is suing Rihanna, because of a part of the "S&M" video showing Ri, dressed in a gown, backed against a wall, covered by a large sheet of clear plastic and surrounded by X's fashioned from black tape. Philipp says the scene is identical to work from his photo series "Paperworld."

She is already being sued for that same video by David LaChapelle for at least $1 million. Blogs pointed out similarities between a LaChapelle image featuring a black-clad woman walking a man on a leash and a video scene in which Rihanna holds a leash connected to Perez Hilton.

So on purpose or not, she should have someone working with her that would have noticed that kind of thing. To add insult to injury this week, Cee Lo Green, who's been opening for Rihanna in between appearances on NBC's The Voice, dropped off of her tour on Friday, citing work overload.