FERGIE, who'll be rocking the Super Bowl next month with the Black Eyed Peas, is starring in a new commercial for Dr. Pepper Cherry -- and she pulls off quite the trick in the ad. Fergie, clad in a goth-style dress, saunters up to a can of the beverage, opens wide and appears to pour the whole thing into her mouth in one shot.

Then, she reaches into her mouth and pulls out a knotted cherry stem. The commercial is set to a remake of the TEMPTATIONS' classic hit, "Get Ready."

Another remake Fergie is a part of is "The Time (Dirty Bit)," the current Peas' single, which is basically a modern reworking of the 1987 Dirty Dancing hit "(I've Had) The Time of My Life." Fergie tells us, "It's great -- it's retro for me, and it brought me back." She also says it came out during what seemed like a Dirty Dancing revival. As she explains, "[All of a sudden] I'm seeing JENNIFER GREY on Dancing with the Stars, it just felt like the stars aligned, and it was just 'the time.'"

As for the Peas' current album, The Beginning, Fergie says it really is a sequel to their previous disc, The E.N.D., in theme and sound. She explains, "We're celebrating technology and paying homage to the deejay, and the DJ culture." She adds, "These two [albums] basically were both in the same vein of being in the club. They live and breathe in the club. They're for the clubs." Comment on the video and tell me what you think! DP