I got a chance to meet Ellen Trout Zoo's new bundle of joy this afternoon!  The first lion cub of his kind to be born at the Zoo since the 70's doesn't have a name yet, and is already stealing hearts around the zoo.  I got to take a ton of pictures of him today, and some video to share.  There was a tour group of area children at the zoo so you might see one of your kids in the pictures!

I got to talk to Gordon Henley Zoo director and all the staff about the care of the cub, and it was very interesting. To keep the cub from being viewed as an outsider in the cage later the zoo is placing the cub in a carrier in the exhibit daily.  One day the cub will be in the exhibit with it's mother and father, and get it's own pen after it gets larger than a carrier can accommodate.  While he was in the carrier in the exhibit the daddy lion was curious and was mere feet lying next to him.

He is up in the carrier in the cat building most of the day.  His mother cleaned him up really well when he was born but he did not nurse.  We don't know why he didn't, either the first time mother didn't produce milk or he didn't try to.  So it was clear they needed to intervene and they are now feeding the cub a varied mixture of 2 to 4oz Milk Replacement powder with water with chicken flavored baby food every 3 hours.

He seemed to be thriving and I even got to hear a couple of baby roars while I was taking the video.  These were the only sounds he made during the entire appearance, and we have them here exclusively!

Listen to the newborn lion cub's adorable 'roar':