Have you heard of anything as crazy as the guy who uses his local Gamestop as a bank? For real money? Want to find out how he does it?

If using Gamestop as a bank sounds insane, that's because it kind of is. When I think of Gamestop, I think of a place where video games are bought and sold. I think of looking through the one sad little rack of Dreamcast games five or six years ago (probably the last time I spent any real time in a Gamestop, to be honest). I do not think of using this store to watch over my money when I'm not using it.

Here's how this whole scheme works. A 4chan user posted his whole strategy online a couple of days ago:


Whenever this guy gets his paycheck, he goes straight over to his local Gamestop. He places preorders for as many new video games as he needs to equal his check's total. Then, when he needs cash to use, he cancels a preorder, and it's like withdrawing actual dollar bills from an ATM. Once in a while he actually buys a game, so Gamestop can't do anything to stop him. And instead of getting thank-you points from his bank, he gets all the cool exclusive extra stuff to go with his pre-ordered games.

On the surface, the dude is clearly nuts. He is not banking with a bank, he's banking with a video game store. But, on the other hand, he's also sticking his tongue out at Bank of America (or the bank of your choice). Maybe he's on to something!